Grain Dump Pit

Grain Dump Pit

Grain Dump Pit ready to be shipped

Able to dump both hoppers at the same time

Trailer Length Grain Receiving Hopper

Our grain dump pit is ideal for anyone wanting to speed up the unloading process with large wagons or semi-trailers.  This hopper allows the driver to unload the entire wagon or trailer in minutes while the conveyor or grain leg unloads the hopper.  With this quick process you are able to get back to the field quicker than ever before.  This system allows the two hoppers of the semi-trailer to be dumped simultaneously, which allows you to only have to get out of your truck once to dump both hoppers.

Our system uses a steel insert hopper which is set into a cement basement.  The cement basement enables the equipment to last longer as it keeps the hopper out of soil, dirt, and water.  This also allows maintenance and minor adjustments to be made easily.  Enhancements to the basement structure can be added such as; maintenance access, reclaim conveyor, overhead structure, and building.  The hopper, conveyor, and grate can be installed in less than a day if dirt and concrete work is done in advance.



  • 10′ x 30′ Grated area
  • 1,100+ Bushel capacity
  • 2,500 – 20,000 bushel per hour capacity
  • High quality pre-fabricated construction
  • Sand blasted and durable epoxy painted
  • Adjustable slide gates to control grain flow
  • Shed plates built into grates and beams keep grain from collecting in corners
  • Lower outlet designed to fit bypass inlet section of drag conveyor
  • Low profile design allows the hopper to be transported on a flatbed trailer
“The pit is doing awesome!  It allowed us to run 3 S680’s with 12 row heads in 200 plus bushel corn with only 4 trucks.  We have always had to have 5 trucks with 2 machines.”

-Jon Rose, Rose Farms
Eldridge, TN